Aeroplane Restaurant on the Lake Side; Shangrila; Pakistan

Elephants Postcard from Kenya

Postcard from Rottnest Island in Western Australia

Facebook's Farmville Postage Stamps

The Land of Wild Animals - Postcard from Kenya in East Africa

#23: Most-Interesting Story Behind a Great Postcard From Afghanistan

#21: Winter Scene in Shogran; Kaghan Valley; Pakistan

#20: Mist in Shogran Forest; Kaghan Valley; Pakistan

#19: Kenya: King of the Beasts

#18: Sunset at 3000+ metres at Paya in Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

Postcard #17: A sweet owl from Liberia

Postcard #16: Buddha Statue in Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley

Postcard #15: City View of Istanbul, Turkey

Postcard #15: Kenya: Elephant Family

Postcard #14: Pakistan: King Priest from Moenjodaro - A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Pakistan

Postcard # 13: Belgium: Onze Lieve Vrouw (Cathedral) in Antwerp

Postcard # 12: Pakistan: 9th SAF Games Islamabad Postcard # 4

Postcard # 11: Pakistan:9th SAF Games Postcard # 3

Postcard # 10: Pakistan; SAF Games Postcard # 2

Postcard # 9: Pakistan; SAF Games Postcard

Postcard # 8: Pakistan: Fasting Buddha in Lahore Museum

Postcard #7: North Korea, Flight Tower in Pyongyang

Postcard #6: Water Skiing Resort, Kaptai Lake, East Pakistan (Bangladesh)

Is this how a Parrot looks like???

A Fish From the Local Pond

Postcard #5: The Great Mosque of Herat, Afghanistan

Postcard #4: Lake Piso, Liberia

2009 Native American Dollar - Won in a competition

Some Cool Places To Visit During A Journey To Gilgit

Some snowy pictures of Kaghan Valley

A Helicopter Joy ride to Naran Valley

Some more interesting pictures