Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Desan Meadows, Kalam, Swat Valley, Pakistan

What a beautiful place to feel the awesome power of nature! So pure and so mesmerizing!!!
Desan Meadows form one of the most gorgeous landscapes where you can see crystal clear water gushing through the mountains, Frozen glaciers, lush green mountains, vast meadows, and countless other natural wonders. Travelling in Swat Valley is a lifetime experience for anyone.

After a brief pause in tourism in Swat Valley because of some hostile terrorist elements, the things are back to normal. Pakistan Army has cleared the valley from all types of miscreants and the tourists are enjoying the majestic beauty of the valley already.

If you ever decide to go to Desan Meadows, then you can find the way from Utror - about 16 kms from Kalam.

What do you think about the lush green meadows at this height?