Postcard #17: A sweet owl from Liberia

What a lovely and innocent Owl is it from Liberia!!! A beautiful owl postcard from Liberia with a sober and nice-looking owl sitting in a tree. The back of the postcard tells us that the postcard is issued by "Liberia Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications". The back side of the postcard describes the picture on the postcard in just one word - "OWL", as if the viewers will think that it is a SPARROW. hehehe :)
I am absolutely clueless about the species of this sweet owl. Do you have any idea???


anne said…
Lovely owl!
Thank you for sharing your nice collection. Have a wonderfull day and feel free to swap with me some items.
the viajero said…
hi tried to look for the owl specie.. found a site that shows all liberia birds on stamps

it could be the Rufous Fishing Owl, but am not totally sure.. ;)

great collection btw
REDLAN said…
Beautiful postcard!

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ronny said…
Dear friend,

LOve this postcard alot.. very interesting and best of all can be made to a maxicard... HAHAHA...

Bird Philately materials are truly fascinating. Im simply obsessed with them.

SueFitz said…
Who knew that there were owl in Liberia?

I am on a quest to get 3349 postcards (every county in US, every providence Canada, every country in world)
Anonymous said…
It's an African Wood-owl (Strix woodfordii).