Thursday, April 9, 2009

Postcard #6: Water Skiing Resort, Kaptai Lake, East Pakistan (Bangladesh)

Here I have a beautiful vintage post card from East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). The postcard shows a beautiful scene of water skiing at Lake Kaptai. It is a very old card as the back of the card reads: "Issued by Department of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, Club Road, Karachi". 

East Pakistan got separated from West Pakistan(Presently "Pakistan") and became Bangladesh in 1971. So it obviously is a postcard from 1971 or pre-1971 era. I don't know whether the water ski resort still exists there or not? Can a friend from Bangladesh enlighten all of us on the issue???

Kaptai Lake is a man-made lake in South-eastern Bangladesh. The H-shaped lake was created as a result of building of Kaptai Dam on the Kamaphuli River. The dam construction project started in 1956 and finished in 1962. The palace of the king ofthe Chakmas also came under water as a result of filling of the dam.


Magician said...

Hi! Cheema,
MY link is, and I'm from Malaysia.

Thanks for exchanging links with me.

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Marie Reed said...

Happy PFF Cheema! Thanks for posting this lovely card coupled with a history lesson! Fascinating!

Postcardy said...

An postcard with a lot of "people" interest. Its nice to learn the history behind it too.

Chris Overstreet said...

Very cool; I would never have associated Pakistan (or Bangladesh) with water skiing, even prior to the war in '71.

Pearl said...

A Wonderful postcard with Terrific history behind it... Thanks for sharing!

Cheema said...

Thanks to all friends who have commented here.

Marie! Your blog is very beautiful. I wish I could reach that standard one day. You also have some very faithful friends. Especially they find time for u on Friday.

Chris! Now do not under-estimate Pakistan and Bangladesh. I do not know much about Bangladesh but we have a few very fine water sports clubs in Pakistan offering water skiing, para sailing, water scooter ride, etc. I am sure that Bangladesh must also be having many as it has a huge relationship with water.

Magician, Postcardy, Pearl! Thanks for commenting. Keep visiting and making my days brighter
Best Regards