Postcard # 12: Pakistan: 9th SAF Games Islamabad Postcard # 4

Here is the 4th and the final postcard from Pakistan issued on the occasion of 9th SAF Games Islamabad. You can see the details of the official mascot Bholu - the Himalayan Bear in the last post. Have fun 


Chandy said…
Hello Cheema, I'll try to find a great one for you of a Texas map!

Great collection!
MuseSwings said…
Hello, Cheema! There is a UNESCO site in my state, Florida. That is the Everglades National Park. I will try to find a card and send it to you.
dmarks said…
Great card, like none I'd seen before. Are there a lot of bears in Pakistan?
Cheema said…
Chandy>>> Thanks for your help. I will definitely wait for your answer.

MuseSwings>>> I would love to receive a UNESCO site postcard from you. Please send me an email whenever you find one. BTW, Can you please tell me what is meant by MuseSwings???

Dmarks>>> There are not a lot of bears left. They are found in the Northern areas of Pakistan in Himalaya Mountain Range. They are considered as endangered species. You can read a little more detail in

Best Regards to all
Photina said…
Hi Cheema! I'd love to exchange postcards with you. There is a UNESCO site here but I, unfortunately, do not have any way to get a postcard since it's on the other side of the state. I can send you a postcard of San Diego or California if you would like though. Post back to me on my blog with your address to where I can send you a postcard.
Eddy said…
Hello Cheema,
Do you want a postcard of the building of UNESCO in Paris or a postcard of UNESCO site in France ?
Give me your answer in my blog. I'll try to find a postcard and send it to you.
Dennda said…
Hi there,

Thanks for your message. Yes, I am interested in link exchange and I can send you a Unesco postcard from Romania but not right now because I am very busy this period and no chance to get to the post office soon !
Cheema said…
Hi Dennda!
I shall wait for your answer. Please send me a note when you find a postcard with UNESCO site from Pakistan.
Best Regards
Cheema said…
Hi Denda!
Please add my link to your blog and send me a note.I will do the same as soon as possible.
Best Regards
Mehak said…
Hey Mr Cheema, it was so nice of you to appreciate my post and comment on it. You have such a wonderful blog, it has every postcard I would ever need. By the way if you need any postcard of any other place in Pakistan I would be pledged you consider me good enough to help.
Regards Mehak.
Hello Cheema! your card is very great. Please add my blog and sent me a not, and I am very busy this time and no chance to get to the post office soon! Thank you.