Sunday, May 17, 2009

Postcard #15: Kenya: Elephant Family

Hi friends!
Today I have to share a beautiful postcard from Kenya with you. This is my first postcard from Kenya. The postcard shows a herd of elephants moving from one place to another. The highlight of the photo is the way mother elephant is helping her child to movr forward. Pushing the baby with her trunk to transfer her enormous strength to the baby's legs. 

By the way, I absolutely adore these giant animals. My daughters also love elephants and our visit to the zoo is always incomplete without watching these animals closely. We have a pair of elephants in Islamabad Zoo and a pair (I think) in Lahore Zoo.


imajica said...

wow Kenya!! :D you have great collection here! I received your cards the other day and will feature them in my blog soon :)

did you receive mine yet?

see you!

ronny said...

yes.. have to agree with imajica... truly a great collection. yet again, love the details put into each post.. the information are great. simply love it.