Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#19: Kenya: King of the Beasts

A Lovely postcard from Kenya and a magnificent animal. The King of the Jungle and the Beast of the Beasts - The Lion is a superb creature of God. This lion is definitely a monarch somewhere deep in the woods. What do you say?


Chris Overstreet said...

I say he looks hungry. :)

Terry said...

What a really amazing postcard.
I like this postcard a lot.
Lions are so majestic.
It would make a great framed print to hang on the wall,maybe over the
Thank you for coming by my blog and becoming a follower,it gave me the opportunity to discover your wonderful blog.
Have a very nice day.
Happy Trails

ronny said...

Very nice postcard. truly the King of the jungle. Postcards are truly interesting and should never be overlooked. They are a part of Philately. thanks for showing us all your beautiful postcards.


BeachILike said...

Beautiful :)

SueFitz said...

What a lovely postcard - I have to say that I am still waiting to get a card from Kenya. I am on a quest to get 3349 postcards (every county in US, every providence Canada, every country in world)

The Potwari Stereotype said...

That's a beautiful postcard. Strange-reminds me of my biology teacher.

Take care.

Bradpetehoops said...

Do you want the King of the Air or King of the Birds.