Saturday, November 7, 2009

Postcard from Rottnest Island in Western Australia

Here is a nice postcard to share with you.The beautiful postcard from Australia features an aerial photo of the Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

Rottnest Island is located 18 km off the coast of Western Australia, near Fremantle. It is called Wadjemup by the Noongar people, which means "Place across the water". The island is 11 kilometres long, and 4.5 kilometres at its widest point with a total land area of 19 km². It is classified as an A Class Reserve and is managed by the Rottnest Island Authority. No private ownership of land is allowed. It is antipodal to the island of Bermuda. It has been an important local holiday destination for over 50 years.

As per Wikipedia, the local population of the island is just 300 people but up to 500,000 visitors travel to the island every year. The major tourist attractions are fishing, swimming, diving and cycling.

I won this postcard in a Monthly Draw along with 4 others. The draw was conducted by "Postcard Interactive Company of Sydney (PICS)"....... Lucky me!!!

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