Monday, June 3, 2019

A Cricket Postcard from a Non-Cricketing Nation USA

With the vibes of ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup in the air, today I would like to share one of my favourite postcards with you from my collection.
The gorgeous postcard shows a beautiful assortment of logos of the Cricket Boards which are members of International Cricket Council (ICC). More interestingly, the postcard is sent from USA, which is one of the Non-Cricketing Nation or at the max can be called as a Least-Cricketing Nation.
It is commonly believed that the game of cricket is played in the Commonwealth Countries or more simply speaking, it is played in the countries that have once been under the influence of the British Empire. The postcard definitely shows cricket board logos of BIG Cricket Playing Nations like Australia, England, Pakistan, India, South Africa, West Indies, etc but also displays logos of countries like France, Spain, Norway, Lesotho, Botswana, Czech Republic, Danmark, Saudi Arabia, etc.
In total the postcard shows the Logos of about 95 different countries.
The back side of the postcard shows a nice variety of 9 different stamps of United States of America, including the Olympics issues of 1976 and 1980 and even one stamp from 11th Winter Games Sapporo 1972. One stamp of Coral Reef shows the Finger Coral in Hawaii, while another one shows Salem Poor - Gallant Soldier from the US Bicentennial stamp issue with the title "Contributors to the Cause ..."

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