Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand - A Paradise in South-East Asia

Phi Phi Island is undoubtedly Thailand's island-superstar. It's been in the movies. It's the topic of conversation for travellers all over Thailand.
For some, it's the only reason to touchdown in Phuket. Even with all the hype, it doesn't disappoint. Phi Phi's beauty is a large chunk of the allure. The islands, when approached by boat, rise from the sea like a fortress. Sheer cliffs tower overhead, then give way to beach-fronted jungle. It's love at first sight. The second part of the why-we-love-this-place story is attitude: few places on the planet are this laid-back. Of the two islands, one is completely free of human inhabitants (Phi Phi Leh), and the other is without roads (Phi Phi Don). There's no schedule, no hustle-and-bustle, no reason to be in a hurry.
Near Phi Phi, one beach stands above the rest: Phi Phi Ley. The island was the backdrop for Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Beach" and is one of the most beautiful and majestic places you will ever lay your eyes on.   Much of the movie was filmed in Maya Bay, a main location for Phi Phi daytrips and longtail hires from nearby Phi Phi Don Village. Also, the main ferry from Phuket passes this spot from afar to give you a short glimpse.
James Bond Island is also not far away from Phi Phi Island which is famous for filming of the James Bond movie - The Man with the Golden Gun.
This magnificent postcard was brought to me by my dear colleague and younger brother Wasif from his trip to Thailand. Thanks a lot dude :)
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Kiran palwasha said...

Hi, You have a nice blog, the title is catchy, though the term "Postcards" sounds different in cyber world.. but it reminds me those real postcards of my collection. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.
I am following you now.


Master said...

Thanks for your kind comment Kiran!
The term "Postcards" not only sounds strange in Cyber World but also in the Real World as these pieces of simple card have become rarities in the age of email and social networking; BUT they are still amazing to look at!
Just imagine a piece of paper written by someone for you, taking time to post it, travelling around the globe to reach your mail box and making you smile :)
So keep Smiling!