Friday, April 8, 2011

Gujjar Nomads of Kaghan Valley

Gujjar Nomads of Kaghan Valley in Pakistan travel towards southern areas in harsh winters of the valley and move back towards Babusar Pass in the start of spring to feed their herds.
I am always astonished to see how much area they travel during the year. In fact, they travel thousands of miles on their feet along with their goats, sheep and cows, Sometimes they also get help from donkeys and horses but that help help is primarily aimed at carrying the luggage.
Kaghan valley is a magnificent grazing area for cattle and during brief summers, the sheep and goats grow a lot because of healthy food and pleasant atmosphere. The primary area for grazing for Gujjar Herders is near Babusar Pass, in the grounds of Gitidas. It is about 11,000 feet above mean sea level and is lush green during summers.
I wonder whether the goats and seep get slim after taking a long walk back before winters, any ideas?

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