Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some amazing pictures on the way to Gilgit

Have you ever seen a river so green. It is the mighty "River Indus" with water coming straight from the melting glaciers and mountain peaks. It is really a beautiful view. Also check the Karakoram Highway running along the river.

A nice suspension bridge on river Indus.

A beautiful road with a magnificent Indus River.

A bus crossing the land slide. Check a huge bus crossing over the muddy landslide to keep itself on route to its destination. A steep cliff on one side and a sheer fall on the other, but fortune favors the brave only.

What a long line of traveling vehicles struck in the middle of nowhere because of the anger of nature - A landslide.

This is the view of the blocked road due to a land slide. You can see the difficulties faced by the drivers traveling on the road and above all by the engineers trying to keep it open 365 days a year.

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