Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back On The Scene

Hi Pals!
I hope and pray that all of you are fine, happy and in high spirits.
I have been roaming around for a while now in connection with my professional commitments. 

Hopefully I am back on the scene of stamp collecting for a while now. I started a few swaps before my departure which are still under process. I would like to finish them as soon as possible. I have already sent many packets to friends but some are still in my court. I handed over some packets to a friend before my departure for posting as registered packets but he is also out of contact being at a place with no telephonic contact. I will make my last try to contact him and if I fail to do so then I will prepare new packets with stamps, cards (or whatever was promised) for all of you and will confirm their posting by tomorrow evening. I will publish a list of stamp collector friends tomorrow night whom I will send packets in the day. I am planning to complete all stamp, post cards, covers, etc swaps by tomorrow. At least those swaps against which I have already received stamps, post cards, covers, etc. I will confirm sending packets to Nicole Schmitt, Bellini Ezio, Johnny, Josephine Smith, Tomislav Dolar, Kristiina, Contesse Eric, Michael Chapeau, Carolina Chia, Milos Leng, Glenn Moores, and a couple of other friends from 

I have tried to jot down all the swap friends from whom I have already received collectibles except a couple of them whom I promised to send first. 

I am extremely sorry for the delay in completion of these swaps and I promise to send a couple of extra items to all friends whom I will be sending packets. I hope that you will like these collectible items.

You can send me a note on
Best Regards
Yours Cheema

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