Friday, February 4, 2011

Historic Views of Istanbul, Turkey

Here is a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site postcard from Turkey showing "Historic Areas of Istanbul". It is a magnificent postcard showing Suleymaniyah Mosque built in 16th Century AD.
The stamps are also very nice especially I loved the aircraft stamp.
 Read more about the postcard and the stamps here: "UNESCO WHS Turkey: Historic Areas of Istanbul"


Thanksgiving Postcard Designs said...

I have never been to Turkey, but I heard a lot of wonderful things about it,particularly with Instanbul. I also heard that there are a lot of of royal families living here, plus it is also one of the strongest place in Turkey.

Master said...

Thanks for your comment friend!
If you are interested in sending a real-posted postcard to me, I can definitely add it on the blog alongwith a free review of your website. What do you say?
Leave a comment :)

dmarks said...

Thanksgiving: I appreciate seeing your Thanksgiving Turkey comment above. Yum.

I think I have one or two postcards of the mosques of Istanbul.